Monday, August 2, 2010

50 first days

I have, not recklessly rather strategically, been tossing a lot of "first days" in the bag lately and today was not an exception.  Let's just leave it at I did a lil switcheroo on the job front and am SO STOKED!  Working in what I dig, in an industry that will never cease to pique my interest, score + score!!

Without divulging too many details of my entry into dream-jobdom, I'll just say that this morning I collided face to face with one of my nearly forgotten, yet veritable and debilitating weaknesses:

Grocery-cart selling, $500 peso costing, on-the-go street OJ:
OMG.  Cue canine-eque salivation... You have not begun to live if you haven't gulped a glass of this goodness... Not to mention it was my first purchase here in Chilito-- ever-- on January 12, 2009, and for being a lifelong OJ hater, it's first sips up that straw knocked my prior opinions on their vitamin C negligent arses. 

SO, here's to street vendors, newness, and doin' what makes ya happy--

1 comment:

  1. I am absolutely amazed that you remember your first purchase.

    And I too am a lifelong OJ hater so maybe I should give it a try and I'll be a convert when I get back.